The architecture and design come together to create environmentally friendly spaces

Current environmental care has come to all disciplines and has begun to modernize the traditional principles of various sciences. In the case of design, sustainability, ecology and energy efficiency, it is something that has opened up new areas of work and has provided an opportunity to the designers to create innovative products and fresh and different spaces.

Interior design and architecture, have also seized this opportunity to work in buildings more efficient and convenient, prioritizing each project aspects of life of persons as health and comfort, without harming the environment.

“Globally, it is very much in vogue the theme of sustainability in the Interior, where we spend a lot of time and spaces which directly affect sample quality of life and health. There are many variables concerned for the comfort of people, what can be achieved in a combination of living inside and surround.

In addition, the expert adds that “there are systems of evaluation of sustainability for buildings, which today have sections specifically dedicated to the design of interiors, whether for residential or business spaces. And you should be aware that whatever we use as materials of finishing and furnishing of a space can have an impact on health and mood of the people. Designers have an enormous responsibility on the part of us and users inform us promptly and we charge. “My message would be that we follow the positive example and learn from what other countries are already working is this many years and incorporate trends in sustainability for the benefit of our country”.

How has become the trend of sustainability, energy efficiency and recycling has come to the interior design?

Sustainability, energy efficiency and recycling have come anyway to interior design, although a little later than to architecture and other specialties. However, all materials that are used as interior finishes, and therefore elements with which we work in the interior design already have incorporated these variables and there is a large market available in Chile.

How is the architecture with the interior design combines to create a sustainable home?

Architecture and interior design are very hand. The architecture is that delivers the particularities of each project to be approached from the point of view of interior design. The architecture is responsible for natural lighting, thermal envelope of space, orientation, destination and size of space, among other things… And on the other hand, popular in interior design intentions can be powered by the architecture. That he could not say which goes first to the other. The design intentions must talk amongst architects and fashion designers of project as a team with all the specialists. With an integrated design team, this is how you can create a sustainable home. This should be ideally conceived as such, from the outset and incorporated sustainability variables that are cross-cutting and aware that the shape and design, impact on quality of life and behavior towards the sustainability of a family or the users of each space.

There is sophistication and modernity in the sustainable?

There are now many lines of products, finishing materials and decoration elements deemed to incorporate the word sustainability or recycling in its description, coupled with a very good design, sophisticated elements or top of the line. I.e., sustainability and recycling are today synonymous with added value of a product or project which is valued by a large number of people in Chile and abroad.A very large and quoted market allowing intervening space with recycled elements and achieve very good quality work has been developed, as I said before. There are many raw materials containing recycled material and are even of better quality than those not.

What recycled items can be incorporated to the houses to create spaces with style and sustainable at the same time?

Today practically all materials incorporated a good percentage of recycled material, from a House glasses, carpets, metal structures, cover surfaces and pavements in general, for example. All are first quality and very at the forefront in terms of new technologies. Therefore, sustainable elements exist in large numbers to incorporate in the design. The style, I would call it better image or concept, and that will be the hallmark of who designed each space, all space can have style and be sustainable, just needed the design team to work conscientiously.