Tips to choose the security door

Tips to choose the security door

Choose door: tips on buying a security door. The characteristics to be evaluated, and precautions for efficient installation: it is useless to install a security door mounting is not thief!

The door is crucial for those points to maximize safety at home: the vast majority of burglars enter from the front door and buy an armoured door can make the difference between a home burglarized and a thief-proof. On this page we will see some tips and features to be evaluated to choose the door that best suits your needs.

Tips for choosing security door

To choose the best security door you have to keep an eye on the main features of the security door such as: security lock, door, frame, side opening limiter bolts and any backup to be taken during installation.

The security lock

The lock is the heart of the security door. In the market there are more or less sophisticated mechanism locks. The oldest are the locks with bitted keys (thieves the force with the so-called Bulgarian pick) while the most advanced and secure locks are the ones with European security cylinder.

European safety cylinder consists of two elements, a lock (with latches and latch) and the cylinder (a spring-piston system that opens and closes the door). Con europrofile cylinder to make a difference, is the complexity of the key: the key is processed, the greater the security of security door.

Security doors, features

No door is inviolable really but to make a difference is the time factor. The doors that for forcing take longer to discourage a priori thieves who bring their attention elsewhere. In the choice of the security door, features to keep an eye on concern the “goodness” of the materials for use and precautions required.

Frame, counterframe and safety door

The frame, for example, must be made of galvanized steel and have a thickness of not less than 2 mm. Even better if the subframe is shaped higher because it is held. The frame that ensures greater resistance in the folded sheet, however, is that when you choose, you must make sure that the frame is reinforced in the most critical points, i.e. at those points where it can be forced. The gate, with its coating that can be chosen on the basis of stylistic requirements, can be equipped with electro galvanized steel reinforcements with folded profiles.

You expect a dozen steel clamps to fasten the frame and the frame to the wall. The installation of the security door is a very delicate stage so better if steel clamps are able to penetrate into the wall to a length of 10-15 cm and even better lock them with quick-setting concrete. To secure the best door side bolts are provided, as devices that are placed on the side of the hinges.

Safety lock, as described in the previous paragraph, must be properly secured with a defender with tear-proof and drill-proof cylinder. In parallel, it is essential to equip the door opening limiter in steel, this device serves to preserve the user who goes to open the door to a stranger.

Security doors, safety class

Like the energy efficiency of household appliances that indicate the efficiency, even the doors can rely on a certification that goes to indicate the efficiency in terms of safety. The better class of armoured doors is the class 6.

The reference standard is the ENV 1627 and thanks to class you may get an idea in terms of “degree burglary of Windows and doors”. It starts from class 1 to arrive at class 6 in order of increasing strength. A classy 4 door is durable, in addition to the classic screwdrivers and pliers, also called crowbar or more invasive tools such as saws, hammers and drills.



It is difficult to know exactly what to do during a renovation of the House if you’ve never experienced before. At the beginning of any major renovations in the House which is best to collect information from many sources and tips on things to do and not do. Below you will find some tips to save time and money to ensure that the project starts and ends on the right track.

1) think of the other houses in your neighborhood.

The last thing you want to do is build out of the neighborhood in which he lives. When we look at the addition of a second floor of a district ranch house he might reconsider. The same is true a garage’s two floors when the neighbors have only one. If you’re going to spend a significant amount of money to redo your home ensures that the value of your home is more high of the houses in the neighborhood are going to sell for. This will make the sale of your home and to recover the cost of renovation hard.

(2) have a detailed action plan that includes a budget and planning.

Remodeling projects in the House, as any other project that requires a plan that is written. It is best to see where and how the money will be spent on the project and do not deviate from the original proposal. This is especially true in the bathroom renovation and kitchen remodels. What often happens, which leads us to rebel is that we have not been specific enough in our plan.Before begin to consider the current costs associated with restructuring and be sure that your wishes, needs and desires are part of the budget plan. It is easier to dismiss the need for a heat sink larger if you are already planned for, measured and acquired by a smaller.

(3) interview and hire a contractor with a license that comes with many brilliant references.

When you are interviewing and hiring a professional contractor to remodel any part of your House to do homework before signing the contract. It is important to hire someone who is not only reliable, but also incredibly well informed and assured. Also make sure if references from clients who have worked with the contractor have enjoyed working with them and if they are satisfied with the job they have done previously.

(4) make sure that your goals are in line with the budget you have set.

To set the price of a restructuring do not guess. It is better to go to a store of improvements for the home armed with pen, paper and desires. You will soon discover that small objects are added. Before you begin, make sure that you have the funds instead of creating what you want. If you do not keep at Bay. A realistic budget with work which has in mind will make for a better result.

(5) Refresh old plumbing and electric lines before the drywall is in place.

It is important in the kitchen remodeling and renovations of the bathroom lines are managed to ensure hydraulic output and electricity are in places that they need to be. The absence of these things in places where are to be used will result in costly additions electrical outlets and plumbing. There are no that fail to mention the appearance of design in general may be compromised.

The architecture and design come together to create environmentally friendly spaces

Architecture: 5 Unconventional types of Roofs

Architecture: 5 Unconventional types of RoofsThe roof is one of the most functional of a House, because it provides the essential need of protection and shelter. But precisely because it performs this important task doesn’t mean it can’t be an interesting architectural element. Considering the pitch of a roof – his inclination – and the combination or the intersection of the planes, you can transform your home not only into something visually unique, but also in a more functional environment in which to live. We consider five variants of sloping roofs and benefits based on their slope.

How to unblock clogged drains

How to unblock clogged drains


They are sinks, showers or bidet when we realize that the discharge of our sinks and sanitary ware is blocked we come immediately seized with panic. Our bathroom (or kitchen) we seemed so perfect and we carefully clean it really isn’t and hides everything an underwater world of which we ignored – intentionally – existence. In difficult cases it may be necessary the intervention of the plumber, but if the problem is not so dramatic maybe you can solve with DIY.

How to unclog the sink drain and bidet

If we are talking about the kitchen sink is clogging arises out of food scraps and not that ended up in the tub together with plates and then the load choking the proper water flow. In the bathroom instead of the main culprits of the filling of the sink drain is the hair or even small pieces of personal hygiene products that inadvertently fell inside. The classical method for unblocking the sink drain is also probably more widespread: the use of a plunger suction sinks, but do you know How can I use it?You must have removed all the waterstagnant if necessary within the sink, then with a cloth must be plugged up the overflow hole, then you can apply pressureby placing the plunger on the drain and continue to push and pull until the object blocking the drain is removed. You can help the stura sinks alternating his actions insmall doses of boiling water. Other mechanical methods such as pressure gunor spring plunger aim instead to the destruction of the object that causes the blockage.

Grandma’s remedies for clearing clogged drains

If instead of mechanical methods you prefer the chemistry you can buy any of the products on sale in supermarkets, but to use them you have to read the instructions carefully because they can be really harmful. Alternatively you can pour into clogged drain four tablespoons of table salt, 4 tablespoons of baking soda and a pot of boiling water. The same effect can be achieved with a glass of bicarbonate, one of vinegar and the usual pot of boiling water, but we can also get help from unexpected products such as soft drinks. In fact this should make us reflect the usual consumers of these beverages: pour a couple of glasses of soda more worldwide in the sink drain or water can afford to solve the problem quickly and without having to call a plumber!

If the problem is really dramatic caustic soda may be used but it is a bit dangerous to use, therefore the precautions are never enough. Wear a pair of glasses ass and thick gloves.Pour two tablespoons of baking soda and a pot of boiling water, then leave immediately and let the solution take effect.

At this point if your exhaust is not yet unblocked maybe we should really call the plumber.One tip though, ask first aid for the family man and don’t make it feel bypassed, maybe will not contribute to solving the problem, but certainly this gesture will create more harmony in the family – maybe.

How to build a self-sufficient ecological House

How to build a self-sufficient ecological House

Build a self-sufficient House is possible, although it still must overcome obstacles such as the price of the materials, but it is also true that successful projects that have used materials are recicladosy resorted to ingenious energy production systems more affordable than solar panels or wind turbines, say.

A green home is constructed with sustainable materials. If, in addition, we want to be self-sufficient, i.e. be ecological in a fuller sense, must generate their own power, take advantage of rainwater and reuse both this as waste which, of course, also have to be minimal.

Thanks to a generation of energy and matter with a smart application that includes eco-friendly habits, you try to spending energy and materials, at the time achieved a cost savings. I.e., the goal is win independence and care so our pockets as well as the planet.

Aspects to take into account

Since there is not a self-sufficient house model, we must rely on a set of key principles that will help us to design our own project to get the long-desired self-sufficiency or independence energy and even food.

With laudable exceptions that today are anecdotal, build a self-sufficient ecological housing normally requires more spending, so it costs skyrocket, though its subsequent depreciation will make more gentle this first hit.

On the other hand, if we want to reduce the consumption of energy and also generate it, a common goal, we will have to decide how we are going to do so, resorting to some or other technologies depending on the characteristics of the area, as it is more or less rainy, windy or sunny.

At the same time, the House must be isolated using sustainable materials, as well as to reinforce this point with the installation of green roofs and vertical gardens in facades and also in the interior of the House.Another aspect of crucial importance to the exploitation of natural resources that give us the area, and this requires the investigation of the possibilities of the environment, because there could be natural springs or wells.

In this sense, the orientation of the House and the arrangement of the rooms also will be decided depending on the weather (more or less wind, rain, temperature, etc.) and solar travel throughout the year.

In particular, to know what is the solar angle we get solar chart, a chart on the route of the Sun to know which part of the facade will receive more and less Sun.

Once determined the location of the dwelling and its orientation, it would be interesting to do an intelligent distribution of windows, doors, windows, porches, terraces and other elements and materials as required of a greater or lesser isolation in different areas of the House.

If these strategies we can minimize the use of heating and cooling in the home we will have advanced on the path of self-sufficiency. Improve our goal, closer to her a little more will require the use of clean energy to meet these housing Weatherization needs.

The options are numerous: solar photovoltaic, geothermal, wind, biomass, biofuel, solar thermal genrador boilers… Any of them will have different applications, so we can get hot water and heating at the same time or, for example, a cooling of the atmosphere and use that energy to clean as a source that provides electricity.

Biogas or solar cooker can also be an excellent choice, as it uses renewable sources that can come from our garden or natural biomass of companies that market, in which case alleged self-sufficiency is resent.

Purify water, either to make it suitable for human consumption, irrigation, to recycle or reuse it once has been used different solutions according to their level of pollution and uses.

There are good allies in barrels that collect water from rain or even in large deposits that accumulate large amounts of water, ideal for accumulate during the rainy seasons.

However, you should analyze it to ensure your health, and even then it may be necessary to give a purifying treatment. Similarly, wastewater will require biological treatment plants that do not require electricity. The ideal in these cases is that purified water serve for reuse for irrigation, washing the car or, for example, for maintenance of ponds.

The importance of good habits

When using it, live it, be logically make a life consistent with the ecological characteristics of the housing, for example by following the three Rs of sustainability: reduce, recycle and reuse to maximize the efficiency of the technology, the utility of the waste, for example transforming them into fertilizer or purifies sewage.

It will also make a big difference in this sense reduce consumerism, bio gardening or, obviously, make maximum use of renewable energy. And not only by wind turbines or photovoltaic cells, but for example taking advantage of the hours of light, the wind to dry the clothes or the biomass for cooking or heating.

Therefore, when constructing an ecological House and self-sufficient is essential to take into account our lifestyle, preferences and real possibilities that the House finally can complete its goal of energy independence and self-sufficiency in day to day.

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